3M 8122 Particulate Respirator Mask FFP2 20pcs bangladesh

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                           Product Details

               3M Particulate Respirator 8122

The 3M™ Disposable Respirator 8822 provides lightweight, comfortable and effective protection against dust and mist.

Respirator types and standards

For protection against volcanic ash, high-efficiency, lightweight disposable respirators are appropriate. The respirator must provide
protection at the highest concentration the person will experience. Suitable disposable respirators are ‘CE’ marked to show that the
design has been tested to a recognized standard. They will also be marked with the standard (e.g. EN 149:2001 in the EU or N95 in
the US) and an additional code such as FFP2 (medium efficiency) or FFP3 (high efficiency) (FFP = Filtering Face Piece) is shown on
EU respirators. The US N95 standard is roughly equivalent to FFP2 or 3 as it is efficient up to 10 x the local occupational exposure
limit (see Table below). The higher the FFP number, the more protection the respirator can provide if it is used properly. Disposable
respirators cover the nose, mouth, and part of the chin. Some of them contain exhaling valves. An elastic band around the head and
neck keeps them in place. Valved respirators are more comfortable, especially for those wearing spectacles that might otherwise
mist up. They are appropriate for hot and humid climates.

নোটিশ: আপনার পণ্য হাতে পাওয়ার আগে এবং যথাযথ নিশ্চিতকরণের আগে কোনো অপরিচিত/অযাচাইকৃত বিক্রেতার কাছে টাকা পাঠাবেন না।

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