Completely in Canal Hearing Aid (CIC) Price in Dhaka Bangladesh

Tk. 46,000 fixed*,
Model : Phonak Tao Q 15 & SP CIC , *Warrenty : 2 Years, Condition : Brand New
*Last Updated On : 3 weeks ago
*Status : In Stock, EMI Available? : YES

Abid Hearing Instruments

Abid Hearing Instruments

Location: Dhanmondi-Dhaka

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Phonak Tao Q 15 P & SP CIC: Discreet Hearing Help for Everyday Life
Abid Hearing Instruments, your hearing partner in Dhaka, brings you the Phonak Tao Q 15 P & SP CIC. This comfortable and discreet hearing aid sits deep inside your ear canal, offering a natural-sounding solution for moderate to severe hearing loss.


Nearly Invisible: Enjoy the benefits of a hearing aid without drawing attention.
Clearer Conversations: Experience improved speech understanding in calm environments and control for noisy situations.
Comfortable Fit: Designed for long-term wear and all-day comfort.
24-Month Warranty: Peace of mind with extended coverage.
Advanced Technology:

Whistle Block: Reduces annoying whistling sounds for a more pleasant listening experience.
Feedback Manager: Minimizes feedback for a comfortable fit.
4 Programmable Channels: Allows fine-tuning for various listening environments.
HiPro: Provides additional amplification for those with more severe hearing loss.
Battery Size 10: Easy to replace and provides long-lasting power.
Color: Beige blends seamlessly with most skin tones.
Live life to the fullest with the Phonak Tao Q 15 P & SP CIC!

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