F106 Non Contact infrared Thermometer

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Infrared Thermometer Scanner Best Price 2021 in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The F106 Non-Contact human body infrared thermometer (IR) Gun Measurement Device has Forehead digital baby thermometer infrared for milk water room medical pacifier fever body thermometer non-contact baby care. the infrared Thermometer is a thermometer that measures the temperature of the human body by using the principle of receiving infrared. When used, it is only required to detect with the forehead to measure the body temperature quickly and accurately. Any object with a temperature higher than absolute zero will radiate a certain proportion of infrared energy according to its own temperature. The amount of radiation energy and its distribution by wavelength is closely related to the object's surface ( human body) temperature. In accordance with this principle, the surface ( human body) temperature of the forehead can be measured accurately, and the accurate body temperature can be determined and shown by offsetting the difference between the surface temperature of the forehead and the actual body temperature.

We will pack it well, pls don't shake your head when measuring, it will read inaccurately when the battery is low, pls keep your forehead not covered by hair or others, pls long-press the back button. change Object/Body mode, can't use a rechargeable battery or strong battery, pls only use a cheap regular battery, when you change settings. it must change F1-F2-F3-power off, then setting success and Functionally Accuracy ±0.2℃(0.4℉), It will automatically turn off after not using it for the 20s, Normal work temperature 10-40℃, Measure range of object mode is 0-100℃(32-212.0℉), Measure the range of body mode is 32.0-42.9℃(89.6-109.3℉), Mesure distance 5-15cm(1.9-5.9in)between thermometer to the forehead, Battery 2pcs AAA batteries(not contain batteries because ship problem) & Multifunctional body mode(forehead), object mode(milk, kitchen, room temperature).

Why Choose F106 IR  infrared thermometer?  

The F106 Non-Contact Body Infrared Thermometer (IR) Temperature Gun Measurement Device is a professional non-contact infrared thermometer, which can be used to measure both the temperature of the human body and the object's surface. With a new generation microchip, greatly improves the accuracy of the digital thermometer.

নোটিশ: আপনার পণ্য হাতে পাওয়ার আগে এবং যথাযথ নিশ্চিতকরণের আগে কোনো অপরিচিত/অযাচাইকৃত বিক্রেতার কাছে টাকা পাঠাবেন না।

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