Diabetic shoe Insoles

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SEBS sports shock-absorbing insole

Color: light blue

Material: SEBS

Packing: OPP


Size: L: length 32cm, front width 9.9cm, rear width 8.6cm S: length 28.2cm, front width 8.4cm, rear width 8cm


 Size : Large size (full length 32cm) is  suitable for 41-47 yards and can be cut; 41 yards, 42 yards, 43 yards, 44.5 yards, 46 yards, 47 yards, all can be cut by size 

       Small size (length 28.2cm) is suitable for size  35-42 and can be trimmed; size 35.5, size 37, size 38, size 39.5, size 41, size 42 are all available sizes, cut by yourself


Product weight: large size 246g/pair

        Small size 196.2g/pair


Trimming of the insole:

    1. You can choose a pair of original insoles with a suitable size to compare and trim this style.

     2. Step on this insole, draw an arc with a pen, and then trim the position of the arc.

     3. If the shoes are of beautiful size, they can be trimmed according to the numbers on the insole.

    4. When pruning, try not to do it in one step, leave it a little bigger so that it is easy to modify.


Expert comment: Gel has not been long as the main material of a new generation of insoles, but its excellent shock absorption performance has been sought after by fans from all over the world. In fact, it is used in the military caps of the United States, the United Kingdom and other army forces to protect the lives of soldiers in Afghanistan. At the same time, on the tennis court, Li Na's sneakers are also injected with gel material to absorb shock and increase leg strength.

Manager’s comment: As an export-level product, the material is superior to most domestic sports insoles in terms of workmanship and technology. The store manager also actually wears the test, which is very suitable for football, tennis, badminton, long-distance running, race walking, mountaineering and other sports.


Product feature introduction:

1. Full sole gel cushion, excellent shock absorption effect, material only used in foreign high-end insoles.

2. The bottom ergonomic partial pressure shock absorption texture can effectively disperse the pressure of the foot on the ground.

3. The popular full shoe size design in the United States ensures that insole users fit their feet when wearing them.

4. The use of high-tech wear-resistant cushion surface greatly prolongs the product life and has a higher cost performance.

5. Export-grade sports insoles, excellent quality, have been recognized by overseas users.

6. Recommended by this shop, as a professional insoles store, better understand insoles.


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