Pir sensor human body induction switch adjustable High-power relay 13B

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body sensor switch with Fire switch operating instructions        


Features and scope of application

     Dual power electronic smart switch with a fire feature is mainly used multi-layer, high-rise building stairs , fire exits . When a fire or emergency , then the stairs , fire exits, lights will all light up , easy to evacuees . The company produces electronic smart switch with firefighting capabilities and general electronic smart switch as installed. But it must be added to control the line of fire ( Fire FireWire ) access to the switch, when a fire or other emergency to control the line of fire ( Fire Fire ) turns on, then all the light bulbs in a steady state , after which the control of the line of fire ( Fire FireWire ) off open , the switch automatically into the normal delay, close working condition.

The inside of the product imported PIR sensor to detect human movement , when the pedestrian access open automatically load sensing range , leaving the automatic delay off. It has : energy saving, long life, safe and reliable. Suitable for staircases , balconies , toilets , garages , basements, warehouses and other flammable chemicals .

Technical Parameters :

1.the working voltage:AC170-250V 50HZ;

2.Load power: energy-saving lamps, LED lamps and other inductive load ≤ 500W,resistive load incandescent ≤ 1000W;



5.Induction distance: 2-12 meters;

6.sensing angle:about 120 ° up and down 100 °;

7.the delay time: 10-300 seconds;

8.ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +45 ℃;                                                    

9.can be accessed by all kinds of relay output load;


1.JL-014B with no fire protection lines.

2.urn off the power when installing the switch.

3.must be performed by a qualified electrician in accordance with the icon (see Manual), prohibited the use of a short circuit or overload.

4.The switch must work when lighting is dim, the day does not work.

5.Switch the distance light must be 0.5 meters or more, in order to avoid malfunctions during installation.

6.The switch for the first time after the power is turned off about 50 seconds to enter the normal working condition

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