Facial Sauna Steam Vaporizer+Inhaler-C: 0021!

Tk. 1,990 fixed*,
Model : 0021, *Warrenty : 06, Condition : Brand New
*Last Updated On : 10 months ago
*Status : In Stock

Rasel International Inc.

Rasel International Inc.

Location: Jatra-Bari-Dhaka

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Facial Sauna Steam Vaporizer-Inhaler! **?????????: India---Thrive. >>???? ????? ???????-Sauna, >>???????? ?? ????? ???? ???????? ???????, >>?????? ???? ???????? ??????? ???, >>????? ????? ??-?? ?????, >>??/ ?? ????, >>????-????? ????????, >>??????: 220V-50 Hz 100W, >> ???????? ??????? Facial Sauna With Steam Inhaler! Use: Facial, blocked sinuses, coughs, colds, Functions Activate the hydrophilic factor and replenish water in skin, Promote the regeneration of collagen, reduce hair cracks and restore delicate and smooth skin Soften the cuticle and improve the absorbency of skin to absorb enough nutrition Remove metal deposits and weaken pigmented spots so as to maintain your fair complexion face, Kill skin bacteria and suppress acne, restore the inherent qualities of your skin Facial Sauna with Steam Inhaler Clearway Steam Inhaler is a safe, clean, and extremely effective device to treat blocked sinuses, coughs, colds.

**For More Details Information: sostadeal.com/ Inside Of Dhaka-Cash On Delivery Charge=? 50 Taka. Outside Of Dhaka Delivery Charge=? 100 Taka.

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