Kyoritsu 2002PA Digital Clamp Meter AC in Bangladesh

Tk. 14,000 fixed*,
Model : 2002PA,
*Last Updated On : 5 months ago
*Status : In Stock

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  • Tear-drop-shaped jaws for ease of use in crowded cable areas and other tight places
  • Provides a wide measuring range from 0 up to 2000A
  • Terminal cover to avoid the use of an incorrect terminal
  • Measures current variation as short as 10ms with peak-hold feature
  • Provides output to a chart recorder for current variation recording
  • Data hold function to allow easy readings in dimly lit or hard-to-read locations
  • Sleep feature to conserve battery power
  • Permits easy continuity check with a beeper
  • Provides a dynamic range of 4,000 counts full scale
  • Provides wide measuring range of voltage and resistance in autoranging
  • Wide frequency range from 40Hz to 1kHz (Current measuring range: (0-1500A)
  • Transformer jaws fitted with guard to further improve safety
  • Protected throughout by double or reinforced insulation


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•    Can measure large AC current up to 2000A.

•    Peak hold function.

•    55mm-dia large tear drop shaped jaws.



For more information please don't feel any hesitation just contact us we will be helpful. Ronex International 47/2, Toyenbee Cerculer Road, Motijheel, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh CELL: +880 1811155717 E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected] Web:

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