Shipping Container Washroom for Sale in Bangladesh

Tk. 425,000 fixed*,
Model : Washroom-shipping-container-sbd, Condition : Brand New
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SIMEX Bangladesh

SIMEX Bangladesh

Location: Banani-DOHS-Dhaka

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Shipping containers are used to build tons of commercial structures today, including washrooms. Since they are built with high-grade, weather-resistant, extremely versatile steel, shipping containers are perfect to repurpose as a washroom building for outdoor needs.

A shipping container washroom is a commercial restroom building constructed using a repurposed shipping container. They are modified off-site by a supplier and come equipped with restroom essentials like plumbing and running water, climate control, ventilation, and a variety of other amenities of your choosing. In this sense, they can be customized to function the same as any indoor bathroom, which delivers a great deal of hygiene and comfort than alternatives such as port-a-potties. Shipping container bathrooms and restaurants are:

  • Weather-proof and durable
  • Convenient, turn-key solutions
  • Portable and relocatable
  • Deliverable to your location
  • Pre-equipped and easy to install
  • More hygienic, comfortable than port-a-potties

SIMEX Bangladesh is a renowned name as a shipping container supplier in Bangladesh. Using of shipping container in construction site is increasing day by day in Dhaka including allover in Bangladesh. We delivered any types of shipping container in Dhaka also in whole Bangladesh. For selling high-quality shipping container in Bangladesh, SIMEX Bangladesh is a leading company in this native industry.

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