5 Inch Wireless Car Rear View License Plate Camera Backup Monitor Wireless Parking Night Vision Camera Kit

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Model : 5 Inch Car Rear View, *Warrenty : 1 year, Condition : Brand New
*Last Updated On : 3 years ago
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5" Monitor Car Rear View System Backup Reverse Camera Night Vision Kit Wireless
 The backup camera screen kit can provide you with a clear rear view for your driving
 Full-color TFT LCD display, Low power consumption
 Parking rearview priority, The monitor will start up automatically, and synchronously display the video from the rearview camera when you're backing your car
 The monitor will close itself after backing. Scenes will cut to the rearview camera automatically while you're backing the car and change back to the original scenes after that
 Supports Car Camera, DVD, VCD, STB, Satellite receiver, and other video equipment
 Designed menu buttons, the brightness/contrast/hue/language is adjustable
 With 2 road video input port, white video cable connects to car rearview camera, the yellow one connects to DVD or VCD, White video cable is priority signal input when 2 road has signal input, the machine will prioritize the white end signal
 No Audio input or output

Transmitter and receiver:
* Take one minute to get your camera to become a wireless camera
* Convert any reversing camera with a standard phono/RCA connector into a wireless camera with this universal transmitter and receiver kit
* Eliminates the need to run a cable the length of the vehicle, just connect the transmitter at the camera end and the receiver at the monitor end
* The transmitter also includes a handy pass-through for the power so you can connect it in line with your camera
* Wireless transmitter with male phono plug and male 3.5mm power plug for supplying power to the camera
* Wireless receiver with male phono plug for connection to monitor
* Connects to the rear-view camera and front video screen
* Fit all RCA composite video connections

Review Camera:
* Professional exterior waterproof car rearview camera
* Small compact size
* Low power consumption
* Low maintenance
* 7 infrared night vision LED
* Easy to install and operate
* Perfectly solve the issue of bad car rear view effect

* Screen Dimension: 5 inch
* Resolution: 480 x 234
* Standard: PAL/NTSC
* Video in: AV1/AV2
* Aspect Ratio: 16:9
* Power Supply: DC 12V
* Brightness: 300 nits
* Contrast: 250:1
* Color: Black(as pictures show)
* Housing Material: ABS

Transmitter and receiver:
* Work Range: Up to about 10m(Hollowness)
* Power: DC 12V
* Transmitter/Receiver Cable Length:1.4m
* Weight: 90g(approx)

Review Camera:
* Sensor: PC1030 1/3 Inch Color CMOS
* TV system: NTSC
* Effective pixels: 628 X 582 pixels
* Scanning System: 2:1 Interlace
* Sync System: Internal
* Resolution: 420 TV lines
* Lens Angle: 2.8mm/120°- 1.8mm/170°
* Sensor Area: 5.961mm x 4.276mm
* Video Output: 1.0 VP-P,75 OHM
* S/N Ratio: More than 48db
* Water-proof: IP67-IP68
* Minimum 111umination: 0.2Lux/F1.8(0Lux with LED)
* Power supply: DC 12V
* Operation Temperature: -20℃-60℃(RH95%Max.)
* Storage Temperature: -30℃-60℃(RH95%Max.)

How to use it:
1. Take out your stock license plate light at the back of your car
2. Fix the camera to where the stock license plate light was
3. Connect the built-in license plate light of the camera to where the stock license plate light was connected to get the power
4. Connect the wireless module (transmitter) to your camera via the two cables - a yellow plug for AV output and a black plug for power
5. Connect the wireless module (transmitter) to the reverse light of your car to get the power - red wire for positive and black wire for negative
6. Connect the wireless module (receiver) to your car monitor - yellow plug for AV input
7. Connect the wireless module (receiver) to your car battery or cigarette lighter to get the power - red wire for positive and black wire for negative
8. You will see the images when your car is in reverse shift

Package Included:
1* 5 Inch Monitor
1* Power cable
1* 2.4G Wireless Audio Video AV Transmitter
1* 2.4G Wireless Audio Video AV Receiver
1* Car Rear View Camera


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