Car Connectors Terminals Electrical Wire Wiring Cable Quick T Connector Joint 10 Pcs

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JOWX Connectors:Connectting The World Anew!

Non-stripping Multi-connection Wire Connectors

NO More Stripping,Splicing,Taping!Just PRESS.

Product Features 

No need to remove wire insulation. 

No need to splice the wires.No need for taping.

Absolutely free from electric shock.

Life waterproof ,shockproof ,dustproof (IP33)

The shell is made of flame retardant material PC.

Built-in conductor structure is made of Tin Plated Brass,Anti-oxidation,High hardness,Excellent electrical conductivit.

As easy as 1-2-3 operation.



1.Our company is the general agent of China authorized by The JOWX corporation of Korea.There are four modalities of wire connector products under The JOWX corporationof Korea.They are JOWX(R)/JOW(R)/JOW(TM)/JWT. They all belong to The JOWX corporation of Korea.

2.The JOWX connectors,Korea original import,have applied for invention patents in the United States, China, Korea, Japan and other countries,counterfeiting must be investigated.

3.It is prohibited to use in the electrified state,to avoid causing safety accidents.

4.Please use the indicated wire size only.Do not close before use.The JOWX connectors cannot be reused, it cannot be opened after closing,force to open easy to cause product scrap.Please be sure to choose a good product model.It is forbidden to open the shell excessively, otherwise the shell may be broken. You only need to open the shell to the position where it can fit into the wire.

5.Please be sure to test the sample before using it in bulk.




Manual measurement data will have errors, please refer to the actual product.

T1 1T1 2T1 3T1 4

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Built-in conductor structure
T2 T1 T21

T type Contact Points


Technial Data 

Scope Of Wiring:0.3~0.5 SQMM   T-type junction wiring   0.3~0.5 SQMM

23~20 AWG   T-type junction wiring   23~20 AWG

Product Application:CAR DIY,Auto parts processing parts,Automotive electrical modification,Automotive electronic wire processing,Car lights modification,Automobile and Motorcycle Accessories & Parts   and so on.

Connection Method: Insulation Displacement & Multiple Connection(IDMC) Technolog

Wire Type: (Only Appliable For Copper Wire) Solid Wire/Stranded Wire

Connector Type: T-Joint(Junctioning/Tap Wire)

Waterproof Status(IP): Life waterproof ,shockproof ,dustproof (IP33)

Measured VOltage EN(V): 12~24

Measure Shock Voltage(KV): 1.8

Current(A): 3

Tensile Strength(NT): 40

Weight(g): 1.1(Error 0.1 g)

Contact Points: 4

Plastic Material :PC(Flame Retardant)

Conductor Material:Tin Plated Brass(Cu 61;70.5%,Zinc 29.5;39%,Tin 100%) 1/2H

Temperature Tolerance(℃):  -40~80

RoHS: Compliant

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