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fire escape mask


Protects you from harmful particulates in the air that can cause asthma and breathing problems.

Protects against harmful gases and particulates.

Protects from flames and extreme heat up to 1700 degrees.

Only one cartridge makes breathing in the hood easy.

Doesn't require any maintenance or upkeep.

Easy to put on hood.

Doesn't affect your vision as it's made from a see-through material.

Enough space in the hood to comfortably wear with glasses, beards, or long hair.

Packaged in waterproof and puncture-proof wrapping for storing until you need it.

Keeps you safe from flammability and radiant heat.

High visibility reflective strips for easy recognition.

Can be used with eyeglasses, beards, and long hair.

fire escape mask

Fire is something you cannot prevent or predict completely!

Fires could take as little as times to completely get out of control and turn into a major fire. Fire uses up all the oxygen and produces smoke and toxic gases that kill people. Inhaling just a small amount of smoke and toxic gases can make you drowsy, which makes you fall into deep sleep or pass out and you will miss your chance of escape............

fire mask

Be prepared and be safe!

The Vinmax smoke escape fire mask can provide 30 minutes of filtered air which is safe to breathe. The main cause of death in household fires is smoke inhalation rather than the flames from fires. Without this fire mask, people could inhale the smoke and toxic gases and could make you unconscious. Therefore this fire mask would give you the 30 precious minutes to stay awake and let you calmly find the way out! The large clear vision window allows the person to see clearly whilst the mask is on.

fire mask

fire mask

fire mask

Apply for:

Apply in home dusting,paint, chemicals, polish, pesticides protection Chemical laboratory, fire inspection equipment and so on. Perfect for School, Hotel, Home,Hospital, Supermarket, Office Workers in High Rises, Tactical Professionals, Families, and anyone concerned about security.


Breakthrough Time: 30mins

Approved For: CO, HCN, HCL, Toxic Smoke and Harmful Smog

Oil Smoke Penetration: <5%

Inhalation Resistance: <800Pa

Exhalation Resistance: <300Pa

Storage Temperature: 0-40 centigrade

Installation process:

1.Open the cover, take out the vacuumized packing bag.

2.Tear the vacuumized packing bags immediately, take out the Respirator, and pull out two plugs.

3.Put on the head and fasten it with its string.

4.Choose right way and escape decisively and quickly.

fire mask


1. This mask can be used only once. It can’t be used for work Protection, just for personal escape and self-life-saving.

2. Storage conditions: 0- 40 surrounding, no fire source nearby, no flammable, explosive and corrosive material nearby, well ventilated, keep away from rain and moisture corrosion.

3. This kind of fire escape mask can’t be used in the atmosphere with less than 17% oxygen.

4. This kind of fire escape mask is also suitable for children to wear and escape in an emergency, but it needs the help of adult.

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