High Quality 500 Degree Heat Resistant Heat Radiation Aluminized Coverall Clothes Fire Proof uniform Firefighter

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The fire thermal insulation clothing is made of aluminum composite flame retardant materials, and is the main fire-fighting oil, gas fire sector and high-temperature workplace wear protective clothing. its fabric is made of composite aluminum sheet of high industrial reflectivity and fireproof material.,

It has a good flame retardant and heat insulation property. Because of the special composite and composite technology, the peel strength of the fabric is ten

superiority. can effectively protect the fire department quality equipment supervision and inspection center qualified test, in accordance with the fire GA88 requirements service performance requirements and insulation test method

Features: clothing with fire prevention, thermal insulation, wear-resistant, folding, heat radiation temperature of 500 DEG C, the high-temperature area near the fire.

insulation clothing clothing fire insulation aluminum foil insulation service temperature protective clothing professional production factory.

heat shield is the important personal protective equipment, also called the thermal protection clothing. insulation protective clothing is in contact with the flame and hot objects can stop itself is lit, combustion flame and fuming protective clothing, protect the body from injury.




linen Material: Cotton

heat resistant temperatures: 500 degrees

size: large (L), midum (M)

material: Aluminized



 With strong tensile strength, tear resistance, abrasion resistance so it is not easy to cause hook.


light and easy to wear, there is no restriction on running, climbing, jumping and other movements.


explosion proof fireproof to prevent burn injuries.


 500 degree heat-resistant to avoid high temperature damage human body.



apply to firefighters in areas near the fire or at high temperature of use, when firefighters fight a fire but do not stay in the flame and area not to be flooded and contaminated chemicals.




clothing thermal insulation performance:

1. Heat resistance

the thermal protective clothing is mainly used for high temperature operation, and is necessary to maintain the physical properties by itself at high temperature, without shrinkage, melting and fragile carbonization.


2 flame retardant properties

flame retardant refers to the fabric encountered particularly at high temperature or flame retardant or non-combustible; Ignition fabric can brake the spread of fire, and once the fire source once the evacuation can automatically shut off. in the fire, the most serious burns tend to occur in people's clothes, so the flame retardant is very important .. in the process of using thermal protective clothing, one side fabric to meet the flame, like fire workwear , the fire brigade and the process of fire operation, service considerably on the fire outside of a direct contact with the flame, and inside the small contact with the flame, the thermal protection fabrics must withstand the flame on one side carefully the services of the

3 thermal insulation

in the actual use of thermal protection clothing, most users do not in direct contact with the flame, but heat from the outside in the form of heat convection and heat radiation and heat conduction transfer to the human body, on the body damage human. Thermal protection clothing must have better slow down and stop heat transfer performance, to avoid damage to the human body, to work in the environment of high temperature thermal protection user service to provide good security protection. heat protective clothing insulation, not only with the fiber material thermal protection clothing of thermal conductivity, and clothing design, clothing fabrics. the structure of the material and the material has a lot of relationship ..

4 comfort

Thermal protection clothing, in addition to having a thermal protection performance, but must also has good fit, such as having a certain tensile strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance. dyeing solidity and fastness to washing, but also the transfer capacity should have a certain degree of thermal wet, to help the body lose heat and evaporate sweat, with a low physiological load in addition, protective clothing also requires the quality of light, wearing is convenient, the structure is loose, there is no restriction on the operation, climbing, jumping and other movements, not easy to cause hook, in vulnerable parts take measures to strengthen and meet the coordination and comfort requirements, high efficiency of the work.



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