Greentest Eco 5 F All-In-One Foot Greentest Eco 5 F All-In-One Food Nitrate Checker Meat Fruit Fish & Vegetable + Radiation Detector + Water TDS Meter Nitrate Checker Meat Fruit Fish & Vegetable + Radiation Detector + Water TDS Meter

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GREENTEST ECO 5F new + fish nitrate test With 2 probes


Greentest ECO 5 is a unique 3-in-1 nitrate, water hardness and radiation tester. Developed using the latest in nitrate, water and radiation testing technology, the innovative Greentest ECO 5 detects nitrate levels in 64 of the most widely consumed fruits and vegetables as well as all kinds of meat and fish.


In addition, Greentest ECO 5 warns you of exposure to unsafe radiation of total dissolved solids (TDS) and immediate background radiation in water (or water hardness).

 Greentest eco's unique quick analysis feature can tell you in just 3 seconds if food, water or your environment is harmful to your health.

 Product description

Nitrate measuring range: 0-9999 mg / kg;
Background radiation range, & micro; Sv / h (RR / h): 0-9.99 (999.9)

Indicator level range of cumulative dose and micro; Sv (mikroR): 0-999.99 (0-99999)
Measurement time: ~ 3 sec;
Error measurement margin: <10%;
Power supply: Li-ion battery;
Battery capacity: 720 mАh;
Additional power supply - USB;
USB charging current: 310 mA;
Power voltage range: 3.7 V;
Duration of use up to 20 hours **;
Dimensions: 122 х 52 х14mm;
TFT color display resolution: 320 х 240;
Operating temperature: 0- + 60 ° с.

* Increasing the number of observations leads to greater accuracy of the results.
** Default device settings and specified usage time for 720 mAh battery capacity.

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