Fetal Portable Heartbeat Detector for pregnant women Built-in speaker

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Fetal Doppler is a wonderful gift for all expectant mothers in the world! With this device, you can hear the prenatal baby's activity as of the first movements of your baby in your belly. From the twelfth week of pregnancy, the sounds of hiccups, kicks, blows and even heartbeats can be heard. These marvelous sounds will bring you closer your coming baby! This doppler is a safe apparatus to humans (including the unborn baby), which allow you, your honey or your friends to be pleased to listen to the baby's sounds in comfort. You can check FHR (Fetal Heart Rate) by the big LCD screen. Also, you will be able to record the baby's sounds (Recording cable is NOT included) to share your happiness to your friends. It can be used singly and also transmit the fetal heart signal to the Remote Central Monitoring System in hospital through ordinary monitoring telephone to provide diagnosis for doctors, enjoying the hospital experts' diagnostic services at home! What will your baby's sounds like? Your baby's heart beats 120-160 times a minute and will sound like a rapidly galloping horse. Her hiccups will sound like 2 rapid drumbeats, and her kicks will sound like soft thuds. You will also hear the nutrients passing through the placenta by using this amazing device. Specification: Power: AA battery (Battery NOT included) Ultrasound frequency: 2MHz Ultrasound intensity: <10mW/cm2 Display: 35mm×28mm LCD FHR Measuring range: 50~230bpm FHR resolution: 1bpm FHR accuracy: ±2bpm Power consumption: <1W Gross weight: 300g Package Contents: Fetal Doppler Fetal Doppler x 1 Doppler Probe x 1

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