UVC ultraviolet sterilization lamp UV disinfection night light timer high ozone germicidal lighting remote Control

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UVC ultraviolet sterilization lamp UV disinfection night light timer high ozone germicidal lighting remote ControlLiving room


● Functions and features

253.7m UV disinfection and sterilization and LED night light function is a dual-use product. Environmental sterilization and disinfection and LED lighting can meet your requirements for dual use.

253.7nm UV transmission ≥ 98%

UV output exceeds 50% of other industry products

● Quartz tube coating process, ultraviolet light decay only 8-15 during its working life

Lamp switch life 10000 times

● Time taken to kill bacteria and viruses <02-1s

Time taken to eliminate mold sports <02-4S

Time taken to kill algae <1-38S

● Lamp size: 145mm * 145mm * 305mm

Weight: about 400G

Material: APS anti-uvc

Sterilization power: 20W

LEDNight light power: 5w

Sterilization lamp wavelength: 253.NM


● Features:

1. Press the red button on the lamp body for the first time, LED night light is on

2. Press the button twice, the LED night light will flash for 6 seconds, which means the sterilization lamp function is on and it will automatically turn off after 30 minutes, that is, the sterilization is complete

3. Press the button a third time to turn off all functions

It has a delay opening function that can open the lamb with a delay of 6 seconds.

Remote control function and touch switch function are synchronized

Power on method: us 110V and euro 220V

Applicable area: 15 frames

Recommended working time: 15-40 minutes


● Remote control function as shown: (without battery)

1. Red subkey,

2. The button of the bulb sign is the 15/20/30/40 sterilization timing, when the night light is on.

Remote control common model: MT6344 products

One remote control can control multiple products



1. It is strictly forbidden to put the product close to flammable and explosive materials during installation and use.

2. Keep it away from curtains or similar products when used to prevent fire. Do not use the ultraviolet lamp too often to prolong the service life of the lamp.

3. When using ultraviolet lamps for sterilization and disinfection, the duration of use should not exceed 40 minutes.

4. Ultraviolet rays have a strong killing effect on bacteria and viruses, but ultraviolet rays are also harmful to humans and animals, please leave after turning on the sterilization lamp

5. Ozone can kill places without ultraviolet light to achieve sterilization without dead ends. Please open the ventilation to make sure all the flavors are distributed before entering the house.




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