Uv Light Sterilizer Portable Sanitizer Travel Wand Anti-Bacterial Rate 99%

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Note: The disinfection lamp cannot illuminate the human body, including various organs such as eyes and skin !!!



Sweep away and quickly disinfect: Simply sweep the UV disinfection stick across the surface and disinfect it in about 20 seconds

Lipstick design: Withdraw and touch the switch to turn on sterilization.

Simple and efficient: Ultraviolet disinfection rod can kill various bacteria / deworming in a short time, no chemical residue in ultraviolet irradiation will not damage any materials

Easy to use: Switch on/ off, you can use it to scan wherever you want to be sanitized. Protect the health of family and children at any time

Wide range of applications: Can disinfect any type of textiles, plastics, surfaces and clothing in contact with the body. Any problem please feel free to contact us. Please do not point at people or animals during use to ensure safe

  • UV Light Sterilizer
  • Lipstick design
  • Portable Sanitizer

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