DigitalX 1KVA Online UPS-Black

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1 KVA output power for higher operations
Digital X brought 1KVA online UPS for instant support for load shedding and electricity failure. If you have more than one PC, then you would need more power for unfortunate power failure and Digital X 1KVA online UPS is the solution. It’s designed for higher operations without compromising your work productivity.

 DigitalX 1KVA Online UPS-Black

  • High frequency and double conversion on-line technology.
  • Digitized microprocessor control optimizes reliability.
  • Wide input voltage range (110V – 300V)
  • Lightning & Surge protection
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • Advanced battery management
  • Automatic battery charging in UPS offline mode.

Single phase with grounding
Digital X 1KVA online UPS is a single phase UPS with ground. The UPS is perfectly capable of supplying emergency power supply for your computer and other electronics in a home and office environment.

High capacity
With the capacity of 1000VA/700W, Digital X 1 KVA online UPS provides great service. When the power failure stays longer than usual and you don’t want to stop working, then a high capacity UPS is all you need.

Low voltage operating range
Digital X 1KVA onlie UPS operates with a lower voltage. The voltage range is 110V-300V.  It’s a surprise that it can operates in this lower voltage and provide the full output without damaging.

High efficiency
How much efficiency is enough? 100%? Well, that’s not literary possible. But it’s considered that more than 85% is the standard level. Digital X 1KVA online UPS gives you a 86% efficiency. It’s amazing, right?

The UPS has 3 high power batteries of 12V, that’s a total of 36V and 7AH. And you can charge 90% in just 8 hours.

Color Indicators
Digital X 1KVA UPS has LCD and LED indicators for various status which makes it easy to understand in which position you power sources are.

The indicators are:

1. Green LED – Normal operation
2. Yellow LED – Warning condition
3. Red LED for – Abnormal operation

Overload capability
With many other features, this UPS also has the overload capability. Once it reaches 110%, it automatically turns to Bypass Mode with just 30s of time.

High temperature with lowest noise
Less than 45dB noise, Digital X 1KVA online UPS keeps the work environment peaceful so that the productivity doesn’t decrease. And, surprisingly the UPS operates even in high temperature, up to 40C without bringing any damage to itself.

Considering Safety, Moderate Wight, Standard Size, normal Input and outstanding Output, Digital X 1KVA Online UPS is the UPS you have been searching for a long time.

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