Electronics Door lock key + card For Hotel or Home Use

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Material: Stainless steel Unlock: RF card and keys Reading card distance: ≤3cm Working temperature: -20 ℃ -70 ℃ Card type: T5577 card and ID card Unlock record: store last 255 pieces Application: hotel, office, home, school, villa etc

Lock mortise size

Home ID Card Lock

ID card lock for apartment, office, school etc. Suitable for. No software and card encoder required. Each lock is filled with main card and user cards. You can use the main card to add the new user card.

ID card lock packing list

Each lock is packed with 1 Mater card and 3 blue keyfob user cards.

Hotel IC card lock system

Basic requirements of the hotel lock system:

1, lock: choose your preferred lock. 2, RF cards: T5577 card 3, card encoder: used to give room card with software 4, Software: will send with free encoder. 5, computer: work on windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.

Optional requirements of the hotel lock system:

1, data collector: used to read the door opening log; 2, energy saving switch: used to get power when you insert the room card into the room. 3, elevator reader: guests need to shift the card to activate the elevator.

Software screenshot:

1, simulate hotel receptionist management with functions of preconcert room, check in, extend room, change room, quit room, key card lost report etc. Queries all kinds of data and generates reports.

2, time-limited function: time setting, when the room expires,% key card automatically fails, though, lock a built-in clock.

3, multi-stage key cards: can set the management card, building card, floor card, clearning card and room card;

4, key card lossing report function: when the key card is lost, the receptionist can cancel the card in the management and give a new one.

5, unlock the door records: lock the date of opening, when, who and which way you can save. (First you need a data collector to read the logs in the lock.)

Packing list for hotel IC card locks

Please do not: card is not included in hotel locks. When you order hotel locks, please contact us first.

Order details confirmation:

1, Please confirm the lock color: sliver, gold or copper

2, Please confirm the direction of door opening according to the following picture:

3, If your door is old and already drilled hole, please contact us to confirm the size. Please check the length and width of the side bar.

Installation showing:

নোটিশ: আপনার পণ্য হাতে পাওয়ার আগে এবং যথাযথ নিশ্চিতকরণের আগে কোনো অপরিচিত/অযাচাইকৃত বিক্রেতার কাছে টাকা পাঠাবেন না।

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