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 golden new enhanced signal three-antenna remote positioning AKS underground metal detector Texa god

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AKS Silver 12



Thank you for purchasing our Texa. This high-tech, remote detection instrument can penetrate any container or obstacle within a certain distance. When you are sure that you are looking for a certain metal, you can select it to emit a specific frequency for detection. This specific frequency is the same as the frequency of the metal you are looking for. It has a deep detection depth, and its search range can reach 1,000 meters or more, depending on the size of the object and the length of the burial time.

1. Detection depth:

Maximum detection depth: about 25 meters

Search range: 1200 meters

Energy: 12V 1600mAh

Transmission frequency: 5.6-6KHz

Signal frequency: 360—440Hz

Weight: 3.2KG

2. Specific functions:

It can accurately determine the buried position of the object and can be located.
It can also rely on the frequency regulator to identify the specific type of metal.

Three, the use of transmitter

Power This is the power switch button (when the instrument is not in use, the switch should not be turned on).
Please select the metal you want to detect according to the origin of the metal you want to detect.
Gold (gold) Silver (silver) copper (copper) Gem (jade) Note (You cannot choose two metals at the same time) Otherwise, the instrument will be damaged and the warranty will not be available.

Fourth, the use of the host

 Just turn on the power switch. It can be detected by selecting the metal category according to the origin of the transmitter.

Five, operation method

Because the handle of the instrument rotates freely, the wind will interfere with Dexar. Therefore, the instrument will be disturbed to a certain extent when it is used under windy conditions. The use effect of this instrument is closely related to the operator's scanning control skills.
Choose a comfortable position to stand on the ground, hold the instrument with your hands, and keep your elbows tightly close to your sides. Note: You must place this instrument in front of your body, allow enough space for the receiving antenna to be deployed, and tilt the antenna slightly downward from the horizontal. This angle is about 7 degrees to 10 degrees.
1. Hold the instrument as mentioned above and scan in an arc very slowly while turning yourself. At this time, the detector's elbows should always be close to the sides of the body, and it is enough to rotate about 40 to 60 degrees. Note: The detector must rotate slowly and keep the body steady.
2. Standardize your scanning actions. First, let the receiving antenna stretch out correctly. Place the receiving antenna directly in front of you and extend it at 90 degrees to your body, without deflecting it to the left and right.
3. When the antenna is aimed at the target, the instrument will lock, even if you cross the target to continue the detection. When you feel that this lock is effective, you remember this direction. Then, move the instrument to the left or right about 10 meters, and repeat the process of locking the target just mentioned. Observe the locking direction this time, the intersection of the two directions is the buried position of the target.
4. If you feel that the specific position measured just now has a certain offset, you can lock it from another angle. If the target is within about 10 meters, you will slowly and steadily follow one of the prescribed routes. When you pass the target and are directly above it, the antenna of the instrument will swing on both sides. The position measured at this time is very accurate

Six, warranty matters

In the case of non-artificial damage, the warranty period of the instrument is 1 year (calculated from the date of purchase). If the instrument fails, the packaging box should be sealed when the instrument is returned to the repair site. If the packaging box is damaged when the instrument is returned to the repair site, the situation will not be included in the warranty. The repair cost is paid by the purchaser.

Seven, matters needing attention

1. Because of the existence of magnetic storms and solar aurora, this instrument must undergo a period of debugging before normal use. During this period of time, the receiver will continue to receive signals, but the instrument will not respond. This situation is beyond the control of the crow, and it will take some time to adapt.
2. The instrument is more suitable for field operations. It is easy to be interfered in the detection in the urban area, especially radio waves, so please turn off the mobile phone before using the instrument.
3. We are not responsible for the damage to the instrument caused by man-made damage or internal parts replacement.

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