Digital Meter Multimeter BSIDE ADMS9CL 9999 Counts

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Have you ever thought about choosing a proper multimeter as a gift?

- For, The old people and elders who like new things.

 For, Friends and electricians who like hands-on operation.

 For, Students and children who like to study.

Are you still hesitating for many similar-looking multimeters?

So, Very happy! You saw the ADMS7/S9CL multimeter!





Product introduction:



ADMS7/S9CL products belong to the latest generation of BSIDE brand smart multimeter!



The 3.5-inch large display design leaves an excellent user experience for buyers;The easy-to-use / Single Button to Switch design is well recognized by buyers;The ultra-thin 1.2CM design is very portable.



Provide two products to choose from (S7 / S9CL). Exquisite appearance / reliable performance / complete functions, can meet the needs of different groups of people, and is very suitable as a gift.




Order Notice:



1. ADMS7 is the basic version. The nice thing about the ADMS7 is that it's a really good mix of the better display and easy to use design. Anyone can pick it up and use it.


2. ADMS9CL is the flagship product. It is based on ADMS7 to optimize test functions and display effects, such as adding capacitors and diodes.(ADMS7: LCD display;ADMS9CL: the latest EBTN display)


3. There is a protective film on the screen of this product. If you find scratches on the screen, don't worry! Please remove the protective film.


ADM S7 / S9CL Functional comparison:






Product Highlights :


[ Unique Style - Delicate ] : ADMS7 is the latest generation multimeter of the BSIDE brand. This product has a similar appearance to a smartphone. It can meet the aesthetic needs of different people. It is very suitable as a gift.





s7-7 (2)


[ Vibrant HD Display Engineered By BSIDE ]: Large 3.5" LCD 3-Line Display can show 3 test results on the screen, such as voltage, frequency and analog bar. ideal for home use, school use, or lab use, etc.





[ Simple/convenient/easy to use ]: 


Designed with beginner in mind - Bside smart technology make this multimeter can automatically identifies the tested parameters and choose their required range.


Multimeter with probes design lets you test safely and efficiently—no need to plug in and out probes, which not only can save learning and test time, but also prevent wrong insertion of ports.




[ Authorities Certification ! Product quality is guaranteed ! ]: 




Flashlight design lets you test efficiently and comfortably anywhere, indoors and outdoors, day and night. Hang hole design make it more portable.

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