Motolink MT203 128-Channel SBR Walkie Talkie

Tk. 30,000 fixed*,
Brand : MOTOLINK , Model : MT-203, *Warrenty : 2 Years , Condition : Brand New
*Last Updated On : 3 weeks ago
*Status : In Stock

Sultana Trade International

Sultana Trade International

Location: Mohammadpur-Dhaka

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Motolink MT203 has 245MHz citizen band radio and 246MHz short business radio function. It is powered by a 7.5V battery. The shock and vibration function is available according to GJB150-2009 and MIL STD-810 C / D / E / F standard. The operating temperature of this walkie-talkie is -20°C to +60°C.


LED display
12.5KHz / 25KHz PLL channel spacing
4500mAh battery capacity
≤UV receiver sensitivity
Adjacent channel selectivity
≥80dB blocking
FM ham 25K ≥ 45dB
Noise 12.5k ≥ 40dB
>0.5W audio power receive
≤5% audio distortion
1W RF power output
±5kHz / ±2.5kHz modulation limitation
5% modulation distortion
-45dB residual FM
-67dB adjacent channel power
-36dBm radiate emission
145 x 60 x 55mm dimension without antenna

নোটিশ: আপনার পণ্য হাতে পাওয়ার আগে এবং যথাযথ নিশ্চিতকরণের আগে কোনো অপরিচিত/অযাচাইকৃত বিক্রেতার কাছে টাকা পাঠাবেন না।

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