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Philips InfraPhil Infrared Lamp for Pain Relief
Brand : Philips
Model : HP3616
Origin : Germany
Warranry: 1 Year

Product Details: 

• Deep penetrating infrared light warms the muscles, stimulating blood circulation to effectively relieve aches and pains
• 150 Watt infrared lamp uses concentric rings to deliver optimal relief in areas covering 20 x 30 cm
• Adjustable angle allows for lamp to be tilted up to 40 degrees for treatment exactly where you need it
• Simple on/offswitch so the appliance does not need to be unplugged after each treatment
• Cord holder provides convenient storage option

  • Deep penetrating infrared lamp to relieve muscle pain
  • 150 Watt infrared lamp with extra Focus
  • Made and Assembled in Germany
  • Adjustable angle up to 40 degrees
  • Power : 150W, 220-240V~50Hz
  • Stimulates blood circulation

HP3616 Infrared Heating Lamp for Physiotherapy

This is a deep penetrating infrared lamp to relieve muscle pain, works great !Proven to effectively relieve aches and pains caused by muscular pains and stiff joints. The comfortable warmth created by infrared light penetrates deep into your skin, stimulates blood circulation and warms your muscles. As your muscles are soothed, they automatically loosen up and relax. Because it makes the tissue more pliable, warmth also reduces stiffness and makes joins more flexible.

Focused treatment – covers a 20 x 30 cm area, easy to use. I hasCord storage in the body.Over 15 million Philips infrared lamps have been sold since its debut in the 1960s!Made in Germany, that you can trust about the service

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