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The easy to use and suitable for every employee proximity card clocking system!

A user simply waves their card in front of the machine to punch in or out, very fast no queuing or waiting in line and much more reliable than old punch cards or magnetic swipe cards.

Combined with our trusted and easy to use ClockReports XE software there is no better low cost RFID card solution available for managing your staff!

This system mounts on your wall and requires a nearby mains power socket for the supplied power adapter.

You can interface with our XE computer software by USB cable, network cable or stand alone download to a USB flash memory pen drive. 

Hardware Features

• Texas Instruments 32-bit high speed CPU with low power consumption
• Clear voice prompts
• USB Plug & Play connection
• TCP/IP network connectivity
• USB pen drive data download
• Realtime data transfer and WEB online tracking with Ultimate ClockReports XE
• Various employee authentication methods
• Easy combination of password and card
• 16 different customizable time and attendance status
• 6-digit work code to calculate different job cost
• Support 12V power supply for electric/magnetic locks
• Relay output for easy integration with shift bell ring or electric/magnetic lock system
• Advanced access control with 15 groups and 32 time zones available
• Standard Wiegand output for seamless integration with access controller
• Wiegand input to connect to optional external card reader

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