Wood 3D 4 axis Carving Machine

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Wood 3D Carving Machine Performance Features: 1. Imported precision ball screw, high precision dividing head, big diameter clamping, can be adapted to different sizes of cylindrical material. 2. National patent box-type column. 3. High-precision drive systems. 4. With power off memory function, power outages continued carving and other user-friendly features to ensure the processing in good order. 5. Advanced CNC system, simple in operation and maintenance easily. Optional CNC dividing heads, carving in the back surface, all user-friendly design can meet the diverse needs of customers. 6. Good compatibility. It is compatible with any advanced CAD/CAM software, such as Type3/ ArtCAM/ CAXA/ UG / pro-e/ Mastercam/ JD/ Wentai, etc.. Technical Parameters: Model ZS-Models Processing Length Varies from different model Chuck Spec. ?130mm Max Motion Speed 15m/min Max Working Speed 10m/min Spindle Power 800W~2.2K frequency water-cooling Spindle Spindle Rotational Speed 6000 ~ 24000 rpm/min Working Voltage AC220V/50Hz Engraving Tool ?3.175/4/6mm Dictate Format G-Code / HPGL Positioning Accuracy ±0.03mm Repeatability ±0.02mm Controller NC Studio

Applicable Scope?

Widely used for Roman columns, antique mahogany furniture, round drum stool, pen holder, brush writing, chopsticks, bamboo crafts, three-dimensional crafts, jewelry/ gift ornaments, all kinds of cylindrical products


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