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Fire Extinguisher 5 kg

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Price: Tk. 2,700 , fixed*
Market Price: 2,850 *
Brand: tyfun
Model: L
New/Used: Brand New
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Last Updated: 3 months ago.

Maxwell Technology

9A,R 5

Contact: 01723346342


Call Now:   01723 34 63 42

Product Features The 5kg CO2 extinguisher is best suited for premises with a higher risk of large fires involving live electrical equipment or flammable liquid fires. Unlike the swivel horn of the 2kg, the 5kg horn is on the end of a hose for easy use. Whilst a 5kg carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is great for large electrical items, do not try to use on Class A (paper, wood, cloth, etc) fires. They require factory refilling and testing or service-exchange (see NOTE). Click this link to see rest of the CO2 fire extinguisher family. Suitable for factories, machinery, garage workshops, plant rooms, motor rooms,

1 year
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