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Fake money Detector

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Price: Tk. 1,450
Market Price: 2,200 *
Brand: Divinext
Model: TK-2028
New/Used: Brand New
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Last Updated: 4 months ago.

Maxwell Technology

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FeaturesSimply place the currency under the lamp and BINGO !! Detector can be used to detect Currency. Instantly shows if new, re-designed currency notes are genuine or counterfeit by their fluorescent glow. Fake Money Detector: The TK-2028 ultraviolet counterfeit detector provides a compact and portable counterfeit detection solution for homes, offices, and businesses. The UV detection bulbs easily detect fake notes and ID cards by revealing fluorescent strips, dots, and other markings that are invisible to the naked eye. Just look at the pictures in the description and see for it yourself!The TK-2028 is the complete solution for businesses that are in a constant fight against fake and counterfeit notes an IDs. It is easy to carry and ultra portable. Never accept a fake note again and save thousands of Rupees. Ideal for businesses that accept large sums of cash - Bankers, Jewelers, Hospitals, Clinics etc. This machine can and should be used anywhere and everywhere to prevent fraudulent transactions.with a black high-quality ABS plastic, UV reactive, direct exposure to the human body, UV radiation is harmful to health.efficient long-wave tube test coupon violet fluorescence reaction, the best results.with fluoroscopy and other identification, with excellent resultsmulti-currency can be testedEach piece is tested and goes through a quality control process.

1 year
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